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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Stuck with the sentiment

My Boy just turned four. As much as it was a great day for him, I felt a tad nostalgic. While I admit he’s small for his age, he is quickly becoming far to opinionated and head strong to be deemed a baby anymore. 
Gone are the overly chubby cheeks and gummy grins. I’m dreading removing all the clothes he’s grown out of from his wardrobe to make room for the newly needed ones. What do to with the old? Do I hang on to them? Store them in a cupboard? If so, what for? He’ll not wear them again, and he’ll not have a sibling who’ll need them. I'd just be adding to the already burgeoning pile of clothes. 
Sentiment is such a powerful driver. Like loyalty, it is managed in the brain where emotion is formulated, but not reason. There is no reasoning for loyalty or sentiment. Both are an emotional hook. Is that why making emotional decisions is so difficult? Because the process does not take place in the reasoning part of our brain? 
Oh dear, I think I’ll just hang onto them for a while longer. Perhaps with time the sentimental attachment will dissipate allowing the reasoning part of my brain to logically decide they are best deposited in the charity bin.  

Soon but just not.....yet.